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by - Thursday, July 05, 2012

We were lucky enough to try out the newest product from the makers of Bright Starts; Mombo before it hits stores!

It's part of their Comfort & Harmony line, exclusively featured in Toys R Us nationwide.

It arrived on our doorstep while I was still pregnant and I couldn't help myself but rip open the package and check it out for myself.

I couldn't wait for our little man to get here so we could try it together.
It took a little time before we were able to fully use it since our little man had his hospital scare the first week he was here.

But once we were finally home safe and sound, you can sure bet this puppy was out and on my lap every single feeding/lounge time.

Bright Starts has definitely made a winner with this deluxe pillow and has become a fast family favorite.

Zack loves to lounge on his Mombo, whether he's on his back or stomach practicing tummy time.

He also looks too his Mombo in assisting him in holding his head up {which we've mastered} and sitting up on his own {surprisingly, were almost there!}.

Even Adrienne

You can use the firm side for feeding and the soft side for lounging.
There's also a small device that can be tucked away inside the pillow and simply click it on and off to set soothing vibrations for your little one.

These are all features my previous Boppy was just straight up lacking. I was always having to adjust and re-adjust myself and Adrienne whenever she was feeding. Oh, and I would have given ANYTHING to have soothing vibrations to help lull her to sleep!

So you can only imagine how stinkin freakin excited I was to experience all of these features in one!

Especially with a baby who's colic this time around. This pillow has been a life-saver.

This is definitely both Mom and Baby Approved!

Make sure to check out Comfort & Harmony by Bright Starts for all of their latest products.
And stop by a Toys R Us near you to purchase this little gem.
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

* I was compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions expressed are of my own.

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