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by - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kids Email contacted me to help spread the word on their website devoted to keeping your children safe when it comes to email.

I think this is a great topic for discussion.

For those of you that have children, it can be extremely difficult to want to let your little one have access online.

I know I want to restrict as much of the internet as I can once our little one's are at an age where it's appropriate to use the internet for things such as school, a select list of youtube videos, their favorite singer/tv show, etc.

So when their ready to have their own email account. I definitely want to make sure that I have the option to control any and all settings.

I want them to be able to freely email their friends, but with the proper protection from down right creepy people online.

Now this is exactly where Kids Email pop in. Kids Email lets you create an account with your own email/password {with a free 30 day trial}.

Once you've created your account; you can let you kids pick their own personal email address and decide on how you want to personalize their safety settings.

You have the option to chose whether you want ONLY emails to be sent to your child that are from their contact list,send a copy of their emails to you, the removal of images/links/ads/attachments, filter inappropriate words, the addition of a tag line, and if you want to let your child be able to control their contact list.
Once you've done this and added any and all of the contacts you want, it's time to customize!!

You have options for younger and older children. Once you've chosen your favorite background, head on over to where it says "Child Log In" which will look a little something like this;

Once you've logged in with your child's new personalized email address and password you'll find their homepage.

All of their options to email/contacts/log out will all be found on the left hand side, leaving plenty of room to display their favorite character that they chose.

Their character page even stays up when their sending an email or receiving one.

Seriously, how cute are those race cars?

Kids Email is such a cute site, where their number one priority is your child safety. There's certainly nothing better then that when it comes to a company your considering to use!

You can also find Kids Email at the following:

*I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are of my own.

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