No Longer Co-Sleeping.

by - Tuesday, August 07, 2012

That's right.

We've kicked the habit of Adrienne sleeping with us and embarked on transitioning her into the room she shares with Zack in her big girl bed.

Honestly and quite surprisingly, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

At 9:00 sharp; I made sure we were in our jammies and had a pacifier, snack cup, and water in hand.

I told her it was time to go night night in her big girl bed from now on, took the painfully long tear-filled walk upstairs, and set her on her bed.

I made sure to turn on the small light that's in their room for comfort, gave her a sweet kiss and goodnight while shutting the door behind me.

Of course she started to scream/cry instantly. That was a given.

She only went on like that on and off for an hour. Dozed off and woke up twice in the middle of the night crying for a good 20 minutes.

I made the decision not to check on her while she was awake because the last time around when we tried the transition it just made things x949303 worse.

It was slightly rough the first night, but we made it through.

Every night after that, it got easier and easier. We only hear roughly 5-10 minutes of cries, if any at all just depending on how tired she is that night.

It's been just about 2 weeks now that we've kicked the habit of co-sleeping and I couldn't be happier!

It's just not something that is necessarily right for our family.

And not something that we even planned on doing. But with having to share a bedroom for the first
1 1/2 of her life, you don't exactly have many options.

Adrienne is starting to love her big girl room. And Richard & I finally get our bed to ourselves again.

Amen to that.

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