Traveling With Kids.

by - Sunday, August 05, 2012

Do you remember how easy it was to travel with your significant other before children?
Being able to pack up right then and there and just take off.
Being able to choose any destination in sight.
Being able to stay up all night, sit back and relax with a fresh cold beer in your hand.

Neither do I! It's all seems like a blur these days.

Now, we have to prepare prepare prepare. Even if it's just for a small day trip.
A list needs to be made {because, well I am the absolutely best worst at remembering those important little details}.

Clothes. Sippy Cups. Bottles. Formula/Milk/Juice. Snacks x9494050. Diapers. Wipes. Hand Sanitizer. Stroller. Car Seats. Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Back up clothes. Clothes in case the weather decides to turn bi-polar on you {which happens A LOT here in pa}. Toys. Books. Pacis. Directions.

The list just goes on and on and on.

Aside from all of the materialistic essentials you need for your kids.
It's important to always keep their health at the top of your priority list. But that's pretty much a given once you becomes parents.

Once the pedi gave us the a-okay. We started giving Adrienne a daily liquid vitamin and now that she's bigger we've obv upgraded to chewable's {and you best believe we'll be doing the same with Zack}.

I always want to make sure that they are happy and healthy.

Here's a few tips and tricks to keep your little one's at their tip top best while traveling this summer.
{with some pictures from our latest trip to deer park!}

- Wash your hands. Such a minor detail that we all can overlook, but it makes a great deal of a difference. Especially when your going to be around other kids and/or animals. There are so many germs lingering around your hands that you aren't aware of.

- Get Rest. You definitely don't want a screaming whining over-exhausted child, so make sure they get plenty of shut eye. Even if that means missing out of one or two things, it's a key to staying healthy.

- Eat Right. As exciting as a an exotic new dish may sounds, pick reasonably. You want to make sure your children will actually finish their meal, don't indulge on something greasy or sweet they may not normally eat. It could easily upset their tummy or result in one hyped up sugar-induced coma.

 - Take a Probiotic. This is something you should do on a regular basis, even when not traveling. I mean, Pro-bi-otic does mean for life! However, I highly recommend Culturelle Kids! [they come in single serve packets for your drink or chewable tablets].

     *Their easy to take, if you're little one has trouble swallowing pills {like me}.
     *The packets are flavorless and the tablets have a more then tolerable berry flavor.
     *Their dairy and gluten free, which is great for little one's that have a slew of allergies.
     *It helps reduce the occasional digestive upset for the long haul.
     *But most importantly, it helps you're kids natural defense system.

The awesome things about Culturelle Kids! is that it is the only probiotic out there that contains Lactobacillus which has been scientifically studied to help bring back good bacteria, reduce tummy troubles, and help support their own natural defenses.

Super easy and super quick. These little daily objectives will definitely keep your mind at ease, which is every mothers dream.

& If you wanna check out more of Culturelle Kids! for yourself, then stop on by to these links.

- This post was sponsored and I was compensated for my time. All opinions expressed are of my own.

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