12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide- Reserve A Spot!

by - Sunday, November 04, 2012

It's time for our 2nd Annual gift guide to bring you all of the incredible reviews, giveaways, and most importantly gift ideas for this fast approaching holiday season!

Do you have a product/brand that you want to showcase to our readers?
Let us help get you maximum exposure. You know bloggers are quite influential!

Our gift guide will have it's own separate page on The Pepper And Her Pups, as well as a section in our sidebar that will showcase a small feature of each product/brand.
Everyday we will feature a different brand/product in each of our categories; which include, Infant/Toddlers, Kids/Teens, Women, and Men.

Depending on the number of submissions, we may choose to extend the 12 Days.

There is a $25 flat rate fee to be featured on our stand alone page for the gift guide. We also have several additional options to choose from to be added onto your main feature.

All payments will be made through paypal.

What we have to offer; 

Sponsored Post- Looking to be featured in the gift guide, as well as a separate sponsored post. Please contact me pricing.

Review Only- Looking to have a specific product reviewed by me, along with your feature in our gift guide. Please contact me with product information, specific details required, and retail value.

Giveaway Only- Looking to host a giveaway, then please contact me with product information, specific details required, and retail value.

Combined Review and Giveaway- Are you looking to host both a product review and giveaway. then please contact me with all of the above information needed.

Advertisement Space- Specifically for brands/shops and not specific products. Looking to reserve a spot on our sidebar above the fold or as a daily feature (displayed at the bottom of every blog post). Please see full list of pricing; here.

Please contact me at pepperandherpups@gmail.com to reserve a spot now, spaces are limited!

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