Halloween 12'

by - Sunday, November 04, 2012

Our festivities this year were put on hold, (like many others) due to hurricane sandy.

Were very blessed to not experience much weather effects here in Pennsylvania (just occasional power outages, extreme wind and typical downpours) and my heart goes out to all of you who may have been effected in any way!

So we stuck to having a laid back Halloween, filled with carving pumpkins, a few Halloween crafts, and baking those pumpkin seeds.

Not pictured; the first pumpkin I tried to carve a kitty out of and failed extremely or the pumpkin seeds I ended up forgetting about, taking a shower, and burning. Whoops!

We were all set for Saturday afternoon.

I had finished making their costumes weeks before, since we took them trick or treating at the Erie Zoo Boo previously.

& We were more then prepared for any possible meltdown that might occur in the process (in large part due to the major teething meltdown from Zack right before our mall's annual trick or treat).

With a special lunch from bk for Adrienne and a life-time supply of frozen teethers for Zack, I managed to get both of them dressed and ready to go with plenty of time to spare before Richard got home from work. Huge mom success!

Instead of pushing our stroller from black to block, I opted to carry Zack in our Evenflo Baby Carrier. He passed out almost instantly and slept the whole way through, while Adrienne experienced enough fun for the both of them.

She eagerly picked one piece of candy from each house, told everyone "tank yew", and loved pointing out the different costumes on other kids she liked.

It turned out to be an amazing trick or treat, one I will always hold close to my heart.
Zack's first Halloween experience and our first trick or treat with our little family of four!

Now. It's time to start planning out their costumes for next year.
And to think I already have something genius incredible in mind!

Hope everyone had an amazing time trick or treating. Happy Halloween!

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