Favorite Android Apps (For Kids!)

by - Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I wanted to share a few of our favorite (free!) android apps for kids. These are all great lifesavers when your out at a restaurant, waiting in the car, shopping, etc.

Kidoteca: One of our favorite's is Matryoshka. Nesting dolls from different themes; such as, Farm Animals, Dinosaurs, Sports, Vampires, Sea Animals, and many others. There's enough options to please both boys and girls. They can stack and un-stack each set of characters.

Strawberry Shortcake: This is a great dress-up game to play with strawberry shortcake and her friends. There are so many accessories to choose from- as well as the option to upload and dress your very own picture. You can even create cards to send to friends!

ABC Alphabet Puzzle: This is the lite version, which means only a few letters of the alphabet can be downloaded (the full version can be found here). This is a great skill builder to help your little one piece together each animal as well as learn their name and spelling.

Angry Birds Seasons: This one happens to be a family favorite. Were obsessed to say the least. I think we've played every installment aside from Star Wars. Although this could be a little tricky for kids at first, Adrienne loves learning how to launch each bird into the air. Angry birds Seasons is by far the best- you can easily play whatever season/level you'd like without having to unlock each one.

Littlest Pet Shop: There are over 150 pets for your little one to collect, take care of, and play with. You can build your own town as well as visit friends, while searching for hidden objects.

My Little Pony: You have the freedom to play several different games inside Ponyville, as well as interact with friends along the way.

Are any of these a staple in your household? Share some of your favorites!

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