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by - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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College teaches us more about life than we think.  These are hard lessons you learn in college that will help you in the real world

With three years of college under my belt, I have learned my fair share of tough life lessons. As an incoming freshman, I did not think that there was way more to learn than academics. Boy, was I wrong. In order to make it in the real world, I believe that every college student needs to learn most of these lessons.

1. Extra credit is very rarely given
2. Do not mix your whites with colors (Luckily, I am a girl, so pink clothes are always acceptable)
3. Your parents cannot call your school on your behalf because you do not like a professor. Good luck finding anyone who will show you any sympathy
4. Unexcused absence = no make-up work. You will likely receive a big fat ZERO for any work done in class, and you will definitely have to find a friend an get the homework assignment
5. The Freshman 15/20/30 really exists people
6. Going out on Friday and Saturday night and being hungover all Sunday will not help your grade on Monday's test
7. And the beer sucks.
8. College classes are nothing like high school.
9. You will probably lose touch with many close high school friends
10. Boys are still immature
11. A lot of professors care more about their research than teaching your class. Have fun trying to schedule any office hours
12. Professors are not oblivious to CHEGG. While it is a very helpful website, they know when you straight up copy the solutions manual
13. The importance of taking your makeup off at night. Tons of late nights and breakouts later, I have come to figure out that no matter how tired I am, I should at least rub a makeup remover towelette over my face.
14. Did I mention that Professors RARELY give extra credit? I have heard many professors tell the class that if they do not work hard enough during the semester, they do not deserve extra help.
15. Some people will only like you because you are the one with the car...and they won't offer up gas money
16. If you do not write your assignments down, you will forget about them. I cannot even count how many times I said, "I do not need to write this down, I will remember to do it." Guess what? Nine times out of ten I really did forget about the assignment until the very last minute
17. You have to make a real effort to keep in contact with friends from different schools
18. You will for sure miss your mom. I mean... she did cook you fantastic food and do your laundry when you lived at home, right? What's not to miss??
19. You can only choose two from the College Triangle- Good Grades, Social Life, or Enough Sleep. One will be lacking no matter how hard you try to balance them
20. Adults will still treat you like children, but expect you to act like an adult
21. Due dates mean that your work is actually due. Not a week later. And do not dare asking for an extension.
22. Always be the person to say "hello" first. You never know who that other person may be or how important they actually are
23. Loyal friends are better than "cool" friends. Trust me, we have all learned this the hard way
24. Professors tend to think that their class is the only one you are taking. I'm sorry, I've never heard of a three-credit semester
25. Social media can be your worst enemy. Don't sub-tweet, people. One, that makes you look like a total idiot. Two, no one really cares to see that. Three, you are always the one that end up looking like the bad person.
26. The importance of saying "no." And the fact that it is totally acceptable to not give someone a reason for not wanting to do something.
27. Do not take out more student loans than you need. You will regret that when it comes time to pay them back.
28. Giving up never gets you anywhere
29. Life is about progress, not perfection
30. Helping people will never go out of style

 So, here were 30 hard lessons you learn in college. 

Since college is such a monumental time in a person's life, there are so many more lessons that can be taken away from the experience.

What are some lessons you learned in college?


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