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by - Friday, August 21, 2015

packing for college

It's almost that time of year, time to say your good-byes to friends and family, pack all your items and head off to college. You're sitting there, staring at all of the items in your room, wondering what the heck you need to bring and what you should just leave at home. Well you're in luck!

Today I am sharing with you ten must-haves for college, besides the necessities like clothes and toiletries. 1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones- These will come in handy when you are studying. 2. Bed Risers- Space is limited. I would recommend raising your bed so that you can fit storage tubs/miscellaneous items under your bed. 3. Professional Clothes- You never know when you have to give a presentation or need an outfit for an interview. 4. Bed Bug Protecting Mattress- This should be self-explanatory. 5. Foam Topper- The dorm beds are not comfortable. If you want to get any type of sleep, I recommend a foam topper so your bed is more comfortable. 6. Cleaning Supplies- Again, this should be self-explanatory. 7. Extra Seating- While college is a good place to meet new people, you don't want strangers sitting on your bedding. You just never know. 8. Photos- Being away can get lonely and make you home sick, keeping updated photos of friends and family can make that a little easier. 9. Emergency Documents- You never know when an emergency may arise. 10. Winter Jacket- This only applies if you live some place where it gets cold. Walking across campus in the cold/snow is no fun. And getting sick is no fun!

If you are looking for a more detailed list, I recommend Amanda's ultimate packing list. You definitely won't forget anything with her list! To go along with all things that you have to pack for college, make sure you have all of your school supplies and you are looking good in your first day of school outfit.

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