Ubokia; It's better then Craigslist.

by - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I love a good blog sale!

Every time I wonder onto a new blog that has goodies from their closet and/or from their kids, I feel like I'm in heaven.

You feel safe working/buying/selling/trading with bloggers.
They always have the most ah-mazing wardrobe.
The most up and coming baby accessories on the market.

You know you're always wondering "where did they get that?" "I SO need one of those!"

So it's a rare occasion when you can snatch those gems up for yourself.

I know most go through the hassle of running their own sale through a page on their blog and then dealing with sales through their email.

Well fear no more ladies and gents because Ubokia is here to save the day!

I'm really loving Ubokia right now because of their easy hassle-free marketplace that takes hours seconds to set up.
Yeahh, you heard that right. Seconds.

You can automatically be matched with "wanted" ads that may match up to you're sales item and find the comfort of only being contacted by members that have a verified account (which is always a huge deal to me when it comes to these things).

I'm busy taking pictures of ALL of the clothes we no longer need piling around in this household.

But don't you worry, I already have a few items up for grabs;

Vintage Fisher Price Doll House

Lomography Camera w/ 35mm color Film 

Limited Edition! Medela Pump In Style Double Electric

Fisher Price Record Player

Little Girls Vanity Set

Ubokia is having an awesome launch promotion going on for all bloggers out there!
For every blogger that can grow their marketplace to 100 users (just by joining through your site) gets a $100 VISA Gift Card!

How freaking awesome is that! Seriously!

Help me get 100 users through The Pepper and Her Pups and I will show my appreciate with a HUGE giveaway to thank all of you:D

Just join through my marketplace below and you all get one sweet treat up for grabs if we can make this happen!

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