Zack Austin; 7 Months

by - Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I have so many scheduled post that have been going up these past few weeks and plenty more to come that I haven't had the time to just sit down and write our little man's monthly update for November. Yes, he's going to be 8 month old next week. And yes, I did consider just skipping until then, but I want to stick to it since I was a little wishy washy with Adrienne's monthly posts after awhile. So without further ado...

7 Month Stats:
20.1 oz and 28 3/4 in

We are officially crawling! He started out doing the worm crawl (as mentioned in his six month post), grabbed whatever he was reaching for, and then be satisfied and stop moving. It was the funniest thing ever, being quite the lazy little man. Now though, he's a lean mean crawling machine. I have to keep my eyes on him even more then before now that he doesn't ever want to sit still. He also loves to stand up and hold onto things (such as the couch, chairs, etc). He's always had such amazing strength in his legs that I actually think he prefers to stand and hold onto something as opposed to being set down on the floor to sit. 

There are lots and lots of babbles going on around here. Every so often I will catch him saying an actual word, but were still waiting on that first real mama and dada.

I love watching Adrienne interact and talk to him because they absolutely adore one another. It's so precious, I love every minute of it. And I can only imagine how cute and crazy things will be once he start walking as well. 

We've got our two bottom teeth (I think I mentioned that they were starting to come through in his six month post). The top two teeth have to be trying to make their way through because we've certainly had some stressful days this past month. Trying to chomp down on everything and anything. 
For Christmas, I think it might be a good idea to invest in some of those natural teething necklaces/bracelets I've heard about. Do any of you mamas have a set, share your thoughts with me!

We've made it to only one feeding through the night. I think he's been doing really good when it comes to sleep. It always seems to vary every so often, but he's really good about taking a bottle and then laying back down and falling asleep on his own. I usually have to lay him upstairs in our room for naps (since that's where his pack n' play is) for the sake of keeping Adrienne away from him and waking him up, so I'm glad he knows how to easily put himself to sleep. 

He still doesn't take a pacifier. There was a time when he would take it during naps and whatnot, but I think those days might be long gone. Which is perfectly fine with me, I'd rather he prefer a small toy or blankie then a pacifier any day of the week. 

I think we've tried just about every baby food flavor and quite a few different combinations in the past few months. Zack really likes apple & sweet potatoes, and anything with banana in it. He's seriously not picky at all (aside from the green peas I tried to give him once, but I don't blame him!). We've introduced puffs and are looking for more ways to add different flavors or spices into his food. 

(For those that haven't heard; Make sure to throw out any Gerber Banana Baby Food you may have because it recently got recalled for having possible shards of glass inside)

This kid is constantly growing. I can't possibly squeeze him into anything 9 month related anymore. So were definitely in 12 month and some 18 month clothes. It's definitely time to stock up on some more clothes cause his collection is getting scarce right about now. 

Next week (on the day he turns 8 months) we'll be heading over to Pittsburgh's Children Hospital for his surgery. So sending all of your good vibes our way would be greatly appreciated it:)

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